Myers-Briggs, True Colours Facilitation

Gary’s passion for having fun and helping others identify and understand themselves is what lead to the creation of The DNA Process (Discovering Natural Abilities) and the business The Soft Skills Expert Inc.

The DNA Process uncovers peoples’ natural affective and conative talents; which helps them define their Excellence Zone™. The Excellence Zone™ where our Thinking, Feeling and Acting components come together.

Gary has over twenty (20) years of management and business experience from which he draws upon to demonstrate how to make the enhancements to communication skills, teamwork, and management once you understand your own natural abilities.

To help uncover those natural abilities, Gary completed all of the certification an recertification requirements of Fascination Advantage, Certified Mental Coach, True Colours, Myers-Briggs, and Kolbe.

Gary enjoys martial arts, snowboarding, golfing, kite boarding and windsurfing.
True Colours: Orange (fun), Green, Blue, Gold

Fascination Advantage: Maestro (Power & Prestige)

Myers-Briggs: INTP

Kolbe: 7382

Steve Semple

Steve has been using the Kolbe System for 12 years and certified as a consultant since 2003. Steve has worked with business owners helping them unleash the power of Kolbe to improve their hiring practices and to focus the owners in their Excellence Zone.

True Colours Ottawa

Brigitte Davidson is a bilingual experienced facilitator and presenter with 16 years experience in Customer Service Excellence, Teambuilding and Retail Sales Coaching.

She has had many great achievements with her 10-year career with Bell Canada & Bell Distribution as a front line trainer, sales coach and sales manager.

Throughout her career, she has worked with many private industries as well as federal government groups across the country.

Brigitte Davidson has most recently added to her portfolio True Colors International Personal Success Seminars and presenting Customer Service Excellence seminars with Mohawk College.
One of her most recent great personal achievements was volunteering to be a board member with Breast Cancer Action Ottawa. With her enthusiasm and experiences in public speaking, her work there has made an impact in the Ottawa area since first volunteering to launch the young women’s breast cancer awareness program in 1998 and now as a keynote speaker for many women’s network groups. She continues to tirelessly promote, fundraise and peer support for the organization and is currently working on a documentary and book to inspirational stories of some of the strong women she met along her journey.