Decision making skills – which ones are the key to success?

Which decision making skills are the key to success?

Although the decision making skills that result in taking action are good, the ones that lead to Massive Action are the best.

Strategy 1: Normal – Average

I think it is fairly normal for people to think about trying something, and if that something doesn’t work trying something else and so on until it works or they stop and say it doesn’t work.

I now want you to examine this concept a little differently – I will try A, if A doesn’t work, I will try B, if B doesn’t work I will try C, if C doesn’t work I will try D, etc. It is true that successful people do not stop trying that is a key to success.

Decision Making Skills – Strategy 2: Huge Success – Massive Action Model

What if you instead said I am going to try A, B, C, and D all at the same time and see which one works?

  • As you read that and thought about it was the voice in your mind saying:
    That would be too much work
    That would be a waste of time because A would probably work, and D probably won’t work
    Are you saying that is not efficient
  • If so these are the thoughts that are keeping you from deciding to taking Massive Action and achieving huge results – how you say?


  • Both A and D worked?
  • A and D worked and D produced more for less?

How much time is spent to get to D with the first strategy? A time + B time + C time + D time (a long time)

How much time is spent to get to D in the second strategy? The same amount of time as it took to try all of them, a much shorter period of time.

So which strategy is a waste of time? How much time does everybody get? Last time I checked the same 24 hours a day.

Strategy 1 is sequential (one after the other) – Strategy 2 is parallel (all at the same time).

If you implement Strategy 2 – Parallel action you will achieve Massive Action very quickly and you will get results sooner.

If you are still resisting these decision making skills and you are sitting in front of a computer reading this – than you need look no further than the processor in your computer they now have multiple cores so they can do things in Parallel.

Parallel processing has significantly increased the performance of computers in the last decade.

So why are you not following the trend?

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. I look forward to your personal stories about deciding to take Massive Action!