Time Management Tips – Multitasking – Real or Myth?

Time Management Tips – Multitasking – Real or Myth?

Time Management Tips – I am continually frustrated by people that are trying to do time management by multitasking, that are driven by interruptions, and try and sell every issue as a emergency priority for me.

Sound familiar?

Multitasking is a Myth – all of the very successful people I have met, studied and modelled over the years work the exact opposite way. They fight the hype; they go against the grain of the normal way of doing things.

What they have figured out that sets them apart from the rest is uninterrupted focus on work that will deliver the greatest future benefit. The benefit could be described as profit, more sales, more time out of the office.

Time Management Tips: The second thing the super successful do is calculate the reward on their time (return on time) and prioritized accordingly in advance.

When I was spending over $6000 a year on a coaching system this was a key fundamental concept in the system, those that skipped this step all said the system didn’t work for them and stayed out of control of their time.

The average person is allowing themselves to be interrupted so they never get to focus long enough to move anything strategic forward. They are say they are too busy, like it is a badge of honor. They really need to ask themselves “Am I busy or productive?”

Time Management Tips: The third thing super successful set a deadline for themselves as part of their time management system. They schedule the focus times to complete the work. They set out rules so that they cannot be interrupted during this time.

Phone calls go to voicemail (silently) or are answered by someone else, e-mail systems are closed down, instant messaging and cell phones turned off.

What the super successful have figured out is the items listed above steal focus and create the black hole of time wasting activities. When you get knocked of the puck (lose focus) you then have to regain that focus that takes valuable time to get back into that productive zone.

Using the information you have about your Excellence Zone™, you will also be able to line the task up in a way that fits your natural process and allows you to get in the zone faster.

Start your time management right now put a meeting in your calendar, and plan to turn off the distractions so you can focus during that time. Inform others you will be doing heads down work and not to interrupt you.

My bet is you will get more done in less time than you thought, don’t worry the emails and voicemails will be safe and sound in their cute little boxes when your focus time is up.

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. Let me know how you were able to implement these time management tips!