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Achieve Your Goals

Why Set One Year Goals?

One of the keys to achieve your goals is to use a reasonable time frame.

“Why do we start out setting one year goals?” is a question that I am asked by the members of the Goal Evolution Group.

Because, it needs to be a challenge that is doable and can be achieved in a time frame your brain can relate to.

The members end up setting some really cool ten-year goals later on in the process once they have the basic goal setting skills mastered.

It is not too hard for the brain to imagine a year from now. If it is hot outside and next year you want to imagine yourself spending a week at a beach with the family, or in your new backyard with a pool. You can do that.

If I was to say think about your life ten years from now, your brain will quickly make up questions, my life or my kids life? Does he mean financially?

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In other words, the gap in time is too big when you are getting started setting goals.

You may hear people say I could never set a three-year goal or a five-year goal because I don’t know what is going to happen to me.

These are the people you want to avoid by the way, because they are the ones letting life happen to them instead of making life happen for them.

Goal Evolution Group  Members are the latter. They have both hands on the steering wheel and one foot on the gas pedal as they drive forward towards where they want to get to, adjusting constantly to the bumps in the road.

The gap is the difference between where are you are today, in the present, and the future you imagine for yourself. 

Here is a dirty little secret – the gap will always exist. That’s right! As soon as you start achieving one thing, you can already see the next level, and so you set off trying to get there.

Taking Action To Achieve Your Goals

This is why I believe in taking action, because from time to time you need to look in the review mirror and remind yourself how far you have come.

That’s right. Each one of those little actions you take moves you closer to your goal and becomes an accomplishment to be proud of on it’s own.

When the gap looks big and scary or as though you could never cross it, then you need to turn around and look at how far you have come.

In just one year you can make some significant changes in your life if you set five goals spread across the areas of your life and take action toward them on a regular basis.

I can’t wait to hear your story about how much gap you closed, how far you traveled this year focused on taking action to achieve your goals!

Check out Goal Evolution Group and their goal setting worksheets, membership site, and membership programs for more help with setting and achieving your goals.

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