Self Esteem Activities – Improve the esteem of you and others

Self Esteem Activities

Self esteem activities – it didn’t take me very long to come up with this example and exercise that I know you will relate with and find easy to do.

Just follow along – Think about the last time you worked really hard ( I mean really really hard on something) and expected to get the type of recognition you want (praise, formal recognition, happiness, etc.) and it didn’t come. How did you feel?

I am guessing that the way you felt is not the same as a happy and enthusiastic puppy greeting it’s owner when it comes through the door. Something quite the opposite I will bet.

So what causes out of esteem behavior?

During our team building activities attendees will discover the out of esteem behaviors associated with the various true color personality types. The words and expressions listed there are at the extreme end of the scale. When they do they will typically ask what causes out of esteem behaviors?

I will often say people wake up motivated. Get in the car and make it to work only to become de-motivated also know as out of esteem.

When people work really hard and that work is not recognized they can easily start to become out of esteem because they can feel that they are wasting their time, they are not viewed as smart, etc. We can make up all kinds of negative stuff – the more our focus goes on these negative thoughts the further we deepen our negative state and head down the path to way out of esteem.

I will now pass along to you a simple self esteem activities that is part of an expensive coaching program for free – because to me it should be automatic. Simply say “Thank you!”. That can be enough recognition, and without it – well the biggest slap in the face.

Ok – so maybe you knew that one already and saved yourself thousands. Here is another one self esteem activities for you to break out of the esteem trap – just a simple fill-in the blanks.

You will continue to be Un-_______________ as long as you depend on others to make you ____________.

You will continue to be Un-Happy as long as you depend on others to make you Happy.

The people around us are always looking for recognition – recognition of love, acceptance, when they don’t get what they need from us they can easily fall out of esteem.

So live life with an abundance mentality and share the recognition because there is a never ending supply available to you for free!

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.