Positive affirmations you can use every day!

Positive Affirmations you can use everyday

Below is just one of the positive affirmations I have written at the front of my notebook that I try to read out loud every day – if I can.

I want the excitement of winning to drive me past the fear of losing and the act of procrastination!

Another is …

I do it because it is the most exciting time to be alive.  I’d rather be welcoming change than dreading change. This period we are in now is the most exciting time, unprecedented in our world’s history. Generations from now people will look back at this period of time and remark at what an exciting era it must have been. It was the death of the old and the birth of the new. It is full of turmoil and it is exciting!

What emotional state did you wake up in today?

Positive Affirmations work best when you write them out and place them somewhere you can read them every day.

Why? Because we are what we believe – we all have our own definition of reality that exists only in our mind and we have complete control over what the reality is.

Tony Robbins will say there is three positions:

  1. believing it is worse than it is,
  2. reality (seeing it as it actually is),
  3. believing it is better than it is.

Rarely are we in the reality position. Pessimist, realist, and optimist are the words you typically hear; however, the realists are stuck in their view of reality – not realizing their view of reality is just that – theirs.

You should always challenge your belief of reality – because you can change it.

If you would like to be better than it is today – then find some personal affirmations that point you in the direction you want to go. Write them down, say them often, and repeat them until they become part of your new reality.

I will leave you with this affirmation:

If not NOW then When? If not this idea then what idea?

You can substitute the word idea with process or any other word you think fits. It is designed to get you to take action and try affirmations today!

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. Let me know what personal affirmations you have started to use!