Decision Making Process – personal belief system asset or liability?

Decision Making Process

Personal Belief Systems – Asset or Liability?

If you are reading something, like this decision making process article – that you started reading because you thought there might be a valuable nugget contained inside.

What happens when you find a spelling mistake?

Do you discount the valuable information contained within that you were seeking?

Or do you ignore it and go – not a big deal it happens today because of spell and grammar checkers doing auto correction  – and stay focused on getting the valuable nugget contain inside the article?

If your belief system is stopping you from learning, growing or moving forward – it is probably a bad belief.

Here is a decision making process exercise for you.

Do you politely point out the spelling/math mistakes you have uncovered with the intent of being helpful so that they will be corrected for future people?

Or do you do nothing.

Or do you point out the mistakes in a negative way saying you must not know what you are talking about because you can’t even spell?

When you did any of the above where you able to walk away with the nugget of information you seeking in the first place about your decision making process?

If your beliefs and behaviors are moving you away from your target or goals those would be bad beliefs and behaviors.

True Colors will allow you to discover your core beliefs – only you will know how you are using those beliefs.

The next time you don’t get what you were seeking – review your process – try and uncover what moved you off track.

Then ask yourself this simple question – what part decision making process.

would I do differently if I simply ignored that trigger.

Everyone struggles with these things – in a recent training class I was attending the instructor was pointing out every time someone was trying to do it the old way – the unsuccessful way.

Don’t be that person – figure out what beliefs and behaviors are holding you back and change the belief or behavior into a more productive one, because you have the power and the rights to change them, they are yours after all.

You created or adopted them in the first place so you can change them anytime you want.

Ever wonder what the biggest difference between people that get exceptional results and average or no results?

The answer is simple they put the new system/new knowledge into action right away.

Knowledge is only potential power, maximize that potential by replacing an old belief or behavior with a new one today and taking immediate action!

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.