Goal Setting Why You Should Have Five One Year Goals

Goal Setting – Why 5 Big One Year Goals?

I got asked this question about goal setting recently, “Why 5 Big One Year Goals?”, by the goal setters that are thinking about working with me, and the ones that do already.

The answer is rather simple actually.

One goal for the year is not enough! Achieving one goal is not going to really improve your life.

Goal Setting
Goal Setting Worksheets

If you have worked through our Starter Kit, then you know you need to see your life from multiple angles in order to shift the balance point.

Unfortunately most people have never take the time to actually do this easy exercise.

They say things, like: “I haven’t had time yet.” Or “I am going to get around to it.”

This is so disappointing to me, as I have developed these amazing worksheets. Put them out to the world for FREE and still the biggest problem is people won’t put the time into themselves to make the changes they are dreaming about.

I want to help people change their lives and the biggest problem is they don’t want to do any work to make it happen. Sorry getting off topic, back to the question.

Setting one goal only forces to you focus on ONLY one area of your life.

Those that set one goal often commit the most basic mistake, which is setting a goal in an area they are already doing well in.

Why is this a problem? You end up further out of balance because you never work on the other parts of your life.

The goal is not the problem it is one of focus. If you only have one goal you only focus on that one thing, and can easily ignore the rest.

Keep that goal. Just write four more.

Goal Setting – Why four more, not two more?

Three one year goals is an absolute minimum, again it is not wrong, just you should have five. Three goals will not create enough balance.

Setting five goals forces you out of your comfort zone.

It makes you take on your FUD (Fear, uncertainty, and doubt) about the areas of your life you have not been working on.

If you have done the exercise you know the ones, the ones with the low score as set by you.

Getting honest with ourselves takes bravery. Most people wimp out, give up and never do anything.

They continue to navigate life without a clear direction, and bitch about why they never get where they want to go.

If you are struggling to get your goals written down, give me a call and I will help you.

If you would feel safer bringing it up in a group setting come to a webinar or ask if you can join a Member meeting to try it out.

Again I am offering you everything I can to help you change your life – you just have to be the one to actually spend a bit of time and take some simple small actions.

Or you can be like everyone else you know that is going through life bitching because life is not delivering what they want yet they keep going about life the same way they did the day before.

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