Emotional State – which one did you wake up in today?

What emotional state did you wake up in today?

Your emotional state – physical and mental is just that a state, and it changes and can be changed very quickly. Skeptical?

Where you ready to take on the world today or did you want to crawl back under the covers?

Think back on yesterday – think about something that made you laugh and smile. Go ahead close your eyes, visualize it, replay the sounds in your mind. When you opened your eyes how did you feel?

When I have done this in team building activities people have actually started laughing out loud because they have transported themselves right back to that time and have found themselves in that exact state.

There are powerful states and powerless states of being – waking up ready to take on the world is a powerful state – waking up wanting to crawl back under the covers is a powerless state.

Your state follows your focus – if your focus is on the negative, powerless, internal feelings (anxiety, fear, etc.) your state will follow.

If your focus is external on other people and other things that you can and will do – you tend to find yourself in a powerful positive state.

Tip #1 – if you don’t like your emotional state – change your focus.

Lying in bed – it is easy to start of feel sorry for oneself. If you get up out of bed and into the shower, pull on your power clothes (favorite clothes), grab that cup of energizing juice (coffee), turn on the upbeat happy music, pretty soon you are up and going and ready to take on the world.

Tip #2 – if you don’t like your emotional state – change your physiology!

Meaning change your physical state – get up and move – go for a walk lift your head.

If your thinking wow this is brilliant – Gary is really on to something here, then I have to come clean and tell you this is not mine. I learned it from Tony Robbins, and it is one of the many things I took away from that experience.

Tip #2b – keep your head up

This one I learned from my Russian Martial Arts instructor – Vladimir Vasiliev. We sometimes start classes with walking (movement) and breathing while focusing on trying to relax the body.

He would always say don’t look down keep your head up – when I asked him why one day – he explained that when we look down our thoughts go inside, internal to ourselves.

His way of saying we start focusing on the negative – and creating a negative state. Instead of a positive – relaxed state.

The next time I tested it and had my students test it and it was 100% true.

Pay attention to your state and change it when you need to!

Until next time, keep Discovering your Natural Abilities.

P.S. Share your stories of when you were able to flip your state!