Career Goals Tips for Achieving

Achieving Your Career Goals

Setting and achieving your career goals can require you to make a transformation along the way. Maybe from employee to manager, from manager to director, etc. Each time we take a step up the ladder we need to transform ourselves into this new role as the expectations change and our relationships change. Sometimes we need to acquire new skills sets to.

Who knows where this strategy originated? I heard it from Craig Ballantyne during a recent interview he participated in and he referenced the book “Body for Life” as the original source.

All I know is that this concept resonated me and would be helpful to someone focused on advancing their career.

Craig talked about the Five Pillars of Transformation. The five things you need to make a significant change in your life or career.

The Five Pillars are:

Five Pillars of Transformation

1.     You need to have better planning and preparation than ever before.
2.     You need to have professional accountability.
3.     You need to have social support.
4.     You need to have the right incentives.
5.     You need to have a big deadline.

Maybe it resonated with me because this is how I set up the Goal Evolution Groups to work.

Our templates, tools and exercises help you create a better plan for what you want out of life, and help you prepare the actions you need to take. Having your goals written down is essential.

I act as the facilitator of the meetings providing the professional accountability. The members provide social support and another level of accountability.

Our goal sheets require you to describe how you are going to celebrate your accomplishments, and they require a deadline on any action you need to take.


Career Goals and Time

As you know I consider time to be a precious resource.  Craig had a great way of looking at time as well. If you have ever watched an infomercial you know they will promise you a big change in as little as 12 weeks. To some twelve weeks may seem like a lot of time. This is where Craig was brilliant, he said.

“If you live to be 75 years old, 12 weeks is 0.03% of your life.”

That sure seems like a small amount of time.

What a great way to put things into perspective. What a great way to make what seems like a large amount of time small.

So to achieve your career goals, or if there is a physical, mental or financial transformation you have been thinking about making now you know exactly what you need to have in order to be successful this time.

If you are looking for help, ideas or constructive feedback on your career goals then check out the coaching and mentoring available from the Goal Evolution Groups.

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